BURGLARIES have had a devastating impact across Worcestershire this month with several reported in Malvern - although some arrests have already been made after a dramatic police chase.

One family gave a harrowing account of a burglary in Malvern which had an impact on two young children who have been too scared to return home.

We reported how Jason Lawrence, of Malvern, took his daughter, age 11, and his son, age nine, to watch the England vs Malta game at Wembley on Friday, November 17.

The family arrived back home in the early hours of the morning on Saturday, November 18, to discover upstairs lights on, rooms turned inside out and shattered glass from a forced entry.

Burglars also stole Mr Lawrence's van, which he uses for work as a painter and decorator, but the van has since been found.

Mr Lawrence said: "I am distraught. I have lived at this house since 2006 and I do not want to be here any more.

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"My children live with their mother in Hereford, but are too scared to come back here after what happened."

Police confirmed they received a call around 1.45am on Saturday, November 18 with a report of a burglary of a property on Queen Elizabeth Road in Malvern.

Another burglary happened in Abbey Road between 2.15pm and 5pm on Saturday, November 18.

During the burglary access was gained to a property by the person or persons climbing a trellis to an open upstairs window.  

Meanwhile, suspects were believed to be breaking into a house in Somers Park Avenue in Malvern at 3pm on Friday, November 17.

A police pursuit followed which resulted in two suspects - one aged 18 and the other 21 - arrested and taken to custody at Worcester Police Station in Castle Street.

The alleged Malvern burglars were said to have fled the scene in a WV Golf before being arrested.

Patrol officers and officers from the Operational Patrol Unit gave chase and the pursuit ended in the Northfield area of Birmingham.

Two male suspects, an 18-year-old and 21-year-old from the Leicester area were arrested on suspicion of burglary and processed at Worcester Custody Suite.

Detectives from South Worcestershire Reactive CID and the Neighbourhood Crime Fighting Team managed the investigation.

Both males were bailed with conditions in relation to the burglary to allow for further enquiries.

The 21-year-old was kept in custody in relation to an outstanding warrant. The 18-year-old was handed into the custody of officers from Thames Valley Police.

A suspicious male was spotted 'ducking in and out of bushes' in Bromsgrove Road, Droitwich at 5.30am on Wednesday, November 15. The report came as police searched for a burglar after a series of raids involving stolen ladders used to scale homes and jewellery being taken during the break-ins.

Anyone with information can contact West Mercia Police on 101 or via the West Mercia Police website.

Alternatively, burglars can be named anonymously via Crime Stoppers. In the event of a burglary in progress, dial 999.