TEMPORARY traffic lights which caused long delays for drivers had to remain in place because the road surface was still not safe to drive on after repairs to a collapsed sewer. 

The lights in Upper Tything have been causing long delays for drivers in Worcester and had been due to be removed yesterday.

However, this morning (Thursday) the lights were still there and drivers were reporting delays of over 20 minutes during the morning rush hour.

Severn Trent Water says the lights are expected to be gone by tomorrow at the latest. 

Matthew Jeynes, waste team manager at Severn Trent, said: “Once resurfacing is complete, we need to wait for the tarmac to cure and as it would be unsafe to drive on it before it’s fully set, traffic management needs to stay in place until it’s ready.

“All being well, the lights will be removed, and we’ll have everything back to normal by tomorrow at the latest. We completely understand that this is a busy road and would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused during this repair and thank everyone for their patience.”

As previously reported, temporary traffic lights on the road were expected to be removed by Wednesday evening, according to Worcestershire Highways.

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Severn Trent has been working to fix a collapsed sewer, which is why temporary lights are in place.

After the sewer has been repaired, the excavation must be backfilled and reinstated, and road markings replaced before the road can be fully reopened.

One driver said he experienced a delay of around 20 minutes on Thursday morning.

He said: "It was bumper to bumper. I was stuck from Droitwich Road coming into the city from the north. Queueing began in Droitwich Road near Gheluvelt Park."

Worcestershire County Council have also been approached for a comment.