CONTROVERSIAL comedian Roy Chubby Brown's Worcester show is already close to selling out as he proves a big draw while dividing opinion in the city.

Love him or loathe him, the northern comedian is due to perform at the Swan Theatre in Worcester on May 3  at 7.30pm as theatre managers say they 'cater to all our audience's preferences'.

The 79-year-old's style of comedy, which flies in the face of political correctness, can certainly still put bums on seats - a spokesperson for his agents said the city show was expected to be a sell out and organisers said there were only a few tickets left.

The advert for the show reads: "Remember to bring tissues to wipe away the tears of laughter and as always if easily offended please stay away."Worcester News: DATE: Roy Chubby Brown is set to perform at the Swan Theatre in Worcester in May DATE: Roy Chubby Brown is set to perform at the Swan Theatre in Worcester in May (Image: Facebook)

However, a Facebook post promoting the event has provoked a mixed reaction ahead of the stand-up routine which forms part of a nationwide tour.

One person wrote: "Vile, foul mouthed, very unfunny person, I’m surprised he is still “performing”."

Another reader wrote: "Surprised he's coming back to Worcester after his gig at The Northwick years ago..."

However, others said they would 'like to see him live', another described him as a 'legend' and one said: "Hopefully he is as offensive as ever."

The event on Facebook said: "Still going strong after 50 years in entertainment/ comedy, Roy Chubby Brown is the undoubted King of Comedy.

"30 plus live DVDs , countless books, CDs , original songs, thousands of live shows in a career spanning the decades and millions of fans worldwide are testimony to the fact that even in these crazy times of woke , cancellation , political correctness culture Roy is still the Best of the Best."

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The comedian, real name Royston Vasey, also warned people who were easily offended to stay away from his show at Huntingdon Hall last year, telling followers:  "Thank you, Worcester Huntingdon Hall, and all of my fans, for your support and common sense.

"It’s Simply Comedy."

A spokesperson for Worcester Theatres said: “Our purpose as a venue is to provide a wide variety of events for our audiences to enjoy. We have patrons visit from all across Worcestershire, and further afield, from a wide range of backgrounds.

"Though not everything we programme will be to everyone’s taste, it’s our responsibility to ensure we cater to all our audience’s preferences.

"Roy Chubby Brown has performed at our venues on many occasions and has a committed and supportive local audience that are happy to see him return.

"His upcoming performance has been very popular, availability is already limited, and we look forward to welcoming Roy Chubby Brown to the Swan Theatre.”