WILDLIFE lovers are rejoicing as four peregrine falcon eggs have hatched at Pershore Abbey.

People have been watching the nest via livestream as the first chick reveal was on Saturday (May 4) with the next two on Sunday followed finally by the fourth on Monday.

Known affectionately as Mr and Mrs P, the first Peregrine Falcon of the pair arrived at the Abbey in July 2020.

The second arrived early 2021. Their first attempt at breeding took place in March 2022 but the eggs were laid in an overflow spout on the tower and were washed away onto the floor after a heavy storm. 

A platform was designed by Abbey architect Robert Kilgour, built by Jason Marshall and was installed using the team from Dawsons who had to go over the top of the tower by ropes on a very windy day in January 2023.

Worcester News: FALCONS: Peregrine falcon platform being put in place in January 2023FALCONS: Peregrine falcon platform being put in place in January 2023 (Image: Pershore Abbey Community)

Sadly, although the falcons used the platform in 2023, they were unsuccessful and abandoned the nest in May. 

This January,  a dedicated team installed a camera on the Grade One listed ruin.

It was all managed to be carefully done with no holes and was finally live in time to see the first egg laid on Tuesday, March 26.

Three more eggs followed on Good Friday, Easter Sunday and finally on Tuesday, April 2. 

Canon Claire Lording, vicar of Pershore, said: “It truly has been an amazing journey for us all following and documenting Mr and Mrs P over the past four years and it’s been marvellous to have been able to watch the safe hatching unfold this weekend on our devices. 

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"There’s been a real feel-good factor about it all which even the weather seemed to take part in with some long-awaited sunshine.

"We are deeply grateful to our dedicated team of volunteers, our benefactors who have donated the platform, camera and many man hours and to the Friends of Pershore Abbey. 

"The platform installation helped save our overflow spouts from being blocked up for nesting so this has protected the roof of our ancient building. It’s always a fine line between nurturing nature and protecting a Grade I listed building but we have managed to successfully strike the balance.” 

Livestream footage is available to watch on Pershore Peregrines YouTube.