Video footage of Dominic Chapman’s boxing match was uploaded to YouTube and then deleted by organisers, an inquest has heard.

Mr Chapman died aged 26 in hospital after taking part in a charity boxing event at Tramps nightclub in Worcester on April 9 last year.

An inquest into the events surrounding his death has been taking place since last week at Worcestershire Coroners Court and today heard evidence from Billy Webster, a former employee of organisers Ultra Events Ltd.

He told senior coroner David Reid he had been helping out the organisers by editing footage of the event.

Mr Webster said he usually uploaded the footage to YouTube but on this occasion had been told not to by Ultra Events owner Jon Leonard.

Instead, he said he had delivered an SD card with both the edited and unedited footage to the Ultra Events events office in an envelope with clear instructions for it not to be uploaded.

“But at home that night, I got a call that the video had been uploaded,” Mr Webster told the court. “Jon Leonard asked me to take the videos off YouTube. I wasn’t aware they were on there.”

Mr Reid asked Mr Webster if he knew what happened to the SD card to which Mr Webster replied: “No.”

Earlier this afternoon (Monday, May 20) Luke Levy, one of the boxers who had taken part in the event, told the court he’d been paired with a boxer who was bigger and more experienced than him.

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“The match-up was outrageous,” he said. “At sign-up we were told we’d be matched with someone of a similar weight, height, experience and ability but he exceeded me in every aspect.

“I’m about 5’6, he’s 6’1 - he’s much heavier than me, his biceps are the same size as my head and he was experienced in kickboxing, I found out afterwards.”

This morning, Mr Reid read a statement from consultant pathologist Dr Charlotte Randall, who said the cause of Mr Chapman’s death was a head injury.

The inquest continues. Mr Reid said expert witnesses will be called on Tuesday and Wednesday.