A HOUSING developer has apologised for the upcoming road closures in Hallow which are due to start tomorrow (Thursday).

Dave Bradley, managing director at Piper Homes, also hit back at claims there was no proper communications with nearby businesses and they were not given time to prepare.

He said 40 letters were delivered to homes directly affected by the A443 closure.

Mike Bradley, owner of Ladygo Stores which is opposite the development, said that while he received a leaflet on Monday, July 12 nobody had been in to speak to him about how he can receive deliveries.

He added that it had given him very little time to run down stock and inform customers.

Main Road Motor Company owners Sadie and Nick Wilczynski said the first time they had heard about the roadworks was when they read about it on the Worcester News website on Saturday.

Both predicted their businesses would lose thousands of pounds when the six week works to fit a sewer pipe to the new housing development on Main Road takes place.

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Mr Bradley said: “We are very sorry for any disruption caused to businesses in and around Hallow while mandatory drainage works take place on the A443 this summer.

“The process of road opening/closure is handled by the Worcester County Council Highways Department.

"The contractor for our Hallow Leas development issued an application approximately nine months ago, however we were not granted permission to carry out the works before the school summer holiday period began.

“We are always keen to minimise the impact of our construction work on local communities.

"Unfortunately, in this case, leaving a portion of the road open during the very deep drainage works was not an option due to the safety risks it would pose to motorists and pedestrians.

"However, we have ensured the works coincide with the school holidays when the main road through Hallow is expected to be quieter."

He said that signs warning of the road closure had been "swiftly" put up on Thursday, July 8.

“This was following confirmation from the Highways Department the day before, which advised the position and type of sign required.

"Our contractor also delivered letters on the 15 July 2021 to those directly affected on the A443, Brownes way and Ladygo Lane. Approximately 40 letters were issued.

“We remain confident that our new development will boost both the local community and local trade significantly in the medium to long term as new residents move to the area.”